Can a Pelvic Tilt Help My Back Pain? Part 2

Again you can vary this by holding the pose for a count of seven and repeating the process. If you feel you are ready to go to the next level then you could try this.

Laying on your back as before with knees bent, feet hip width apart and on the floor, catch hold of your inner thighs, breathe in and as you exhale pull the stomach muscles into the spine as you pull yourself up holding onto the thighs. Let go and bring your arms parallel to the floor. Now GENTLE moves up and down (trying to pull yourself up without holding on to the thighs) these movements are SMALL and every lift count as one. Aim for 20, 30, 60 and ever 100 'sit ups'. It's surprising how quickly results will happen.

These simple exercises can be done anywhere and any time so it's well worth the effort.

The curve of your spell is affected by the position of your pelvis. Any misalignment at the pelvis means you will have an increase of pressure in your spine, the supporting muscles will become overused and the result is … pain!

Your lower back is told by the alignment of your pelvis how much curve to have and also gives direction for your hips as well as your knees and ankles. Whenever there is pain in these areas the pelvis is always involved.

There is a natural inward curve to your lower back. If the curve is excessive it is called Lordosis. With lower back pain this is common cause and there are ways to help rectify this as stated. Your body is good at compensating, as some muscles get weak and others over work, shorten and stiffen the body will try to adjust this imbalance without success. So we end up with Lordosis.

Most back problems are related to some dysfunction in either the soft tissue discs, muscles and ligaments of the vertebrae. The disks which are soft and spongy separate your vertebrae like shock absorbers and this allows the spine movement.

You have 26 vertebrae in your spell, two inches in diameter designed to bear the weight of the body. It is vitally important that your back has strength and resilience with the natural curves of the spelling and with the practice of yoga this will help to keep the spa healthy.

With women who are pregnant, as the baby grows your body will adapt and compensate for the extra weight and with a greater arch in the lower back feeling as if you are leaving back. This is how your body tries to keep everything balanced.