Can a Pelvic Tilt Help My Back Pain? Part 4

When you have hurt your back you are acutely aware of how you move. So whatever you do be gentle with yourself, do some form of exercise no matter how small, keep the blood flow going it will bring benefits. Also with the practice of yoga you can gain peace with your situation with meditation. There is an emphasis on the spiritual with yoga.

Many of us have jobs that involve sitting for long periods, this in turn tilts the pelvis forward and those who are overweight will have an added factor. Ones lifestyle is also a factor to consider.

As a result of muscle imbalance in the lower back you may find that one leg is shorter than the other, where one muscle has contracted (shortened) and is pulling the leg up into the hip socket making that leg shorter. Many are unaware of this as the body is good at compensating. As a quick guide to see how balanced the legs/body are see how much wear there is in the heels of the shoes. Is one side worn more than the other? There doesn’t need to be much of a difference in leg length to make a big difference in your lower back.

By now you would have realised the importance of the Pelvic Tilt. Your abdominal muscles are strengthened and toned, for pregnant women back ache will be relieved and the labour will easier with delivery. Keep tucking the stomach muscles in and the results will follow. For everyone, do the pelvic tilt regular wherever you are, with minimum effort great benefits will be gained.

With yoga practice, always stretch so you are AGREEABLY uncomfortable, there is a big difference from this to pain which is a no no. Stretch gently then deeply if you wish to your ‘comfort’ level.

When you are sitting, be aware of your posture, keep your ears over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips, this is good alignment, (and if you keep your stomach muscles pulled in this will give you your pelvic tilt). Ladies who wear high healed shoes it is best to avoid wearing these as it helps to increase the curve in the lower back (Lordosis). This opens the front lower spine and compresses the back lower spine, this is where the joints (facets) start to pinch and give you pain.