Can-Am ATVs Cover a Wide Range of Uses

Time was, when you wanted to get off the pavement onto something rough you had one option: a Jeep. Anything other than that and it was all about the adventure of taking inappropriate equipment to out-of-the-way places. But the past is long dead and gone and today companies like Can-Am offer a wide range of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) tailored to meet just about any style of riding you prefer.

Take the Renegade, for example. With aggressive styling and suspension and handling to match, the Renegade is anything but sedate. Available in three models ranging from 82 horse power and 40 horse power, these babies will get you where you want to go, with fun along the way guaranteed. Are you into ice racing? Drill some screws into these knobbies and you’re instantly competitive. On the other hand, if cross-country is your passion, consider the Renegade X XC.

Or maybe your thing is heading into the back country, with camping and hunting or fishing gear. You’re probably going to want to look at the Outlander. Once you’ve strapped your gear on the back and front and your partner has climbed on behind you, you’re ready for adventure. Distant lakes and hunting grounds that beckoned but were a long day’s hike away are now easily accessible in a lot less time with far less effort. Sometimes getting there is most of the fun; other times you just want to get there because once you’re there, that’s when the fun begins. Not that cruising up the mountain with ease doesn’t offer its own brand of fun.

Of course, the Outlander also comes in a variety of models. The Outlander MAX offers four engine options, from 32 to 71 horse power. Passenger seats go off or on in seconds offering your choice of more carrying capacity or more people. Then you’ve got the Outlander MAX XT, the MAX XT-P, and the MAX Limited. The MAX Limited is the top of the line model, and Can-Am calls it “the most luxurious ATV available.” Other bragging points, according to Can-Am:

• New Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering for intuitive control.

• Air Control Suspension for customizable comfort on the fly.

• Removable Garmin GPS for exploring on four wheels or two feet.

• The Convertible Rack/Seat System offers the best two-up capability to bring along a passenger, and it can also be used for storage on solo rides.

What about when things get messy? You go off road and sooner or later it’s going to rain, turning dirt to mud. Can-Am has an Outlander for that. It’s the Outlander X mr. The “mr” stands for mud-riding. One look at the tires will tell you this is not just a dirt machine, it’s intended for some serious slogging.

Maybe there’s a young rider in your family. Can-Am has an ATV for that. The DS comes in three models, the DS 90, the DS 70, and the DS X. With the DS 90 right-sized for kids 10 and older, and the DS 70 designed for younger ones from 6 up, this ATV is simple with just forward, neutral, and reverse. For a more radical (read “fun”) take on the design, you can opt for the DS X.

Moving up in age a little further, the DS 250 is aimed at riders 14 and up. Again, shifting not an issue with the continuously variable transmission. And then, for a sport quad, there is the DS 450. Racing is in the blood with this one.

Yep, doing some dirt is not at all what it once way. Now it’s a way for the whole family to get out and have a great time, together. And with Can-Am’s line-up of ATVs, you’ll be having fun in style.