Can I Cut Off a Mole Myself?

Many people are asking themselves currently, can I cut off a mole myself? The possibility of doing this is there, but you should make yourself aware of the risks that are involved with doing such a bizarre self-help method for getting rid of a pesky mole.

First of all, most people that are willing to cut off their mole, are tying it off with some sort of string-like material such as dental floss and then they are simply snipping it off with a pair of nail clippers. I don’t know about you, but this method seems to be a bizarre way of torturing yourself.

Even if you successful partially freeze the area using an ice cube, there still is going to be a lot of pain involved. Nerve endings are intertwined with the root of a mole and the chance of doing this pain free is very low.

Also, any time you cut into the lower levels of your skin, which you will have to do if you attempt to cut off your mole, you had to be careful that you do not introduce another virus or some sort of bacteria into the opening that you have created. You could at least ensure that you wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide afterward.

In other words, it is totally possible to cut off a mole by yourself, but you do have to take some sort of precaution when doing so. I feel it that it is better to use a home remedy that will slowly kill the mole until it falls off on its own.