Can I Get My Penis Bigger In 2 Weeks?

Is it possible to get your penis bigger in only 2 weeks?

You may have heard of “quick fix” methods for achieving bigger penis size. Here’s the truth about increasing your penis in only weeks.

First let us go through these common “quick fix” methods to see what really works:

  • Penis pills. Can these actually work for increased size? Yes and no. The best case scenario with penis pills, given that you are trying a legitimate brand, is that you will get a temporary size increase which you should experience your first week or two. What this means is that your erection size can increase from the added blood flow that the herbal ingredients in the pills will cause. Now this doesn’t mean you will achieve permanent size gains, just temporary gains while you are taking the pills. These indeed can work in less than 2 weeks, but again the size gain will be temporary.
  • Penis pumps. Can pumps make my penis bigger in only a few weeks? Pumps are actually similar to pills in a few ways. They will cause temporary increases in size since you are forcing added blood into the penis, engorging it thus creating the visually larger size. And you can see these results within a few weeks, and possibly less (with anything, it always takes a week or so to make adjustments or become comfortable with something new, so it is best to say a few weeks for noticeable gains). The difference with penis pumps is that there is potential for permanent size gain. The catch, of course, is that you will not see permanent size gain in only a few weeks. That usually takes a few months. So the bottom line with pumps is yes for temporary gains (meaning immediately after you use the pump, once you become comfortable with it, you can experience a visual jump in size), but you will not become permanently bigger in only a few weeks, that will take several more weeks of use.

Now for some other penis enlargement methods that can work within a few weeks:

  • Stretching. If you know what you are doing, this can work right away. But usually you need a few weeks to “get it right”. Stretching is just like it sounds. You gently stretch out your penis and hold it there for a number of reps. Now the trick is to find what works best for you when it comes to sets and reps. Usually stretching and holding for 5 or so sets can temporary lengthen your “walk around size”. And this is great for walking around the locker room or right before you are about to have sex with your partner. Again, realistically it will take a few weeks to make this temporary size gain technique work as best it can for enlarging.
  • Massaging or light masturbation. This involves just massaging or lightly masturbating in order to achieve temporary natural looking size. Obviously this one is going to take a trial period to find out what works best. Too much massaging can lead to an erection and that’s not the kind of natural looking size we are after. Give it a week or so to find out just how much or how little massaging is required to achieve a naturally looking larger penis.

What about permanent size techniques that will work in only two weeks?

  • Jelqing. We talked about temporary size tacitcs, now lets talk about jelqing. This is an exercise in which you massage your semi-erect and lubricated penis with your hands, slowly and controlled, for a certain number of sets and reps. This is usually performed for 5 days and then resting for 2 days, then repeating and continuing for a period of several weeks. Now the thing is that many guys have reported some permanent size gains in only a few weeks time. Now obviously these are not major gains, but they do seem to be noticeable enough for guys to become excited over. Not everyone will experience jelqing results in only a few weeks. For most it will take longer, and usually takes at least a few months for larger, more noticeable gains to occur.