Can My Carpet Be Saved?

We are continually asked this question! Do my carpets need to be replaced? Is the carpet pad bad? Can a cleaning help, last time all of my stains came back? Our offices get these calls everyday and there are simple answers to help you determine what to do without wasting your time and money!

  • Can My Stains be Removed Permanently?

Stains “wicking” back can happen depending on the type & age of the stain. Also, it depends on the method of carpet cleaning. The only method to effectively remove stains, dust & allergens from carpet is steam truck mount extraction per EPA & Shaw Industries (largest carpet manufacturer in the world).

Our company uses the best equipment so our temps get over 240+ degrees with a high pressured truck mount system which gives the best cleaning results possible.

Also, each of our technicians are individually certified to guarantee that the tech’s know what proper cleaning agents to use for the best results. If cleaning, fails to resolve the stains and the rest of the carpet is in good condition than a carpet patch can be done with either remnant carpet or carpet from the closet to replace the permanently stained carpet.

  • Does my Carpet Just Need to be Replaced?

Does that nap in the walk ways move back & forth when you move your hand over the carpet? If not, than the nap is worn down and probably the carpet needs to be replaced. Sometimes we are able to pull the nap pile back up in cleaning with the steam extraction, results depend on how bad the nap is worn.

  • I have Newer Carpet but Could My Carpet Pad be Bad?

Unfortunately, sometimes carpet installers cut costs by installing carpet by using old pad, old carpet or cheap pad. If this occurs than no matter how great a quality of carpet you buy it will wear down fast. If the pad is broken down you will notice an unevenness to the floor when you walk on it, especially on ground levels with concrete foundations.

You can pull the carpet back to look at the pad pretty easily. We would recommend finding a place like the closet or bedroom and pulling from the corner. The primary thing holding the carpet down is tack strips, so just don’t pull back on the carpet too hard or too far, no more than a few inches, and you wont risk causing your carpet seams to pull or come un-stretched. This will allow you to see what type of pad you have and see it’s condition.

Send us a picture! We would be happy to review with our professional technicians….a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words and can help us to guide you to the right decision! If you decide to replace your carpet and would like some guidance on the best selection of carpet & pad we would be glad to help!