Can My Laptop Be Damaged By An Incompatible Laptop Charger?

Laptops have now become essential parts of our lives and have moved on from being luxury devices to an absolute necessity. Electronic appliances and computers only work well when all their peripherals are in the right condition. Laptop chargers are essential as well, because they recharge a laptop battery.

A laptop battery is designed to be recharged at a certain voltage and ampere. The life of the battery is maximized when a laptop user recharges the battery at the same voltage and ampere value. Any changes in this configuration are not going to help. On many occasions, people tend to use wrong chargers simply because they are in hurry to bring their laptop back to life after it is drained of all its power.

Incompatible laptop chargers can damage a laptop and its battery to a great extent. Read on to learn more on how this can happen:

1. Incompatible chargers may be of a lower voltage – A lower voltage laptop charger is likely to overheat when you use it. For example, if your laptop battery demands a 90 watt laptop power supply, and you connect a 70 watt charger, it is almost certainly going to cause overheating. As a result of overheating, you may even smell burning plastic from around your laptop and charger. This is an indication that you should immediately remove the incorrect charger from the DC socket.

2. Temporary usage can also be dangerous – Even the temporary use of an incorrect charger can have adverse effects on your laptop battery. Many people complain that their laptop batteries start draining out soon after they use an incompatible charger. The battery life can go down considerably if you use a lower voltage laptop charger. Always try to find the right model of the original laptop charger on the internet if your old one is no longer working. Try not to use makeshift arrangements for recharging your laptop battery.

3. An incorrect laptop charger can damage your motherboard – On many occasions, faulty laptop power supply has caused irreparable electrical damage to laptops. It usually happens when you rely on a duplicate or universal charger. Many people buy cheap and low quality chargers from the market once their original charger stops working due to some reason.

Most people try to save a few pounds while purchasing a non-branded model online or from a local computer shop. These laptop chargers are prone to overheating, voltage fluctuations, and scores of other vulnerabilities. It is important never to use these chargers with your laptop even if they claim to provide the right voltage. These duplicate chargers have little or no safety features, including power trip in the event of voltage fluctuations.

It may seem like a feasible option to use a universal charger for a while. However, you will only end up causing damage to your laptop in the long run. Always remember to buy new and original laptop chargers on the internet when you are in need of a replacement.