Can Tonsil Stones Indicate Or Be Caused by Sinus Problems Infections and Drainage

Perhaps you have heard this before, tonsil stones are caused by sinus problems infections and drainage or maybe you have noticed this on your own. If you are wondering how there can be a link between the two let us look at the reasons for this.

Tonsilloliths are simply formed by the presence of dead white blood cells, overactive salivary glands, oral bacteria, mucous secretions, including postnasal drip and residue from food. Although the absence of any one of these will still create tonsil stones it is almost always the case that all these will be present.

When a sinus infection takes place the most common symptoms are postnasal drip, drainage, and mucous. Allergies, the flu and a common cold also cause these symptoms that can lead to the creation of tonsilloliths. When the drainage and mucous gathers in the tonsil crypts or crevices they solidify and become the stinky tonsil balls we all know.

However, it should be noted that the presence of a tonsil balls does not mean that there is a sinus problem. In fact the infection may have passed and a few days or a couple of weeks later the tonsil balls will appear. It is often the case that people confuse which came first.

However, the presence of tonsil stones is unmistakable. The yellow or white appearance and the strong sulfur like taste in the mouth and smell is something that is annoying. Fortunately there are remedies for this problem that are easy to use.