Can Underfloor Heating Be Installed in Existing Homes?

Can Underfloor Heating be Installed in Existing Homes?

You bet your bottom dollar it can! Right now, radiant floor heat is one of the most popular heating trends in new constructions and remodels. Do not worry, this trend will last awhile, unlike your pet rocks and Furby's, because underfloor heating systems are the most comfortable for even heat.

If you are getting the feeling that your heating bills are too high, or the heat in your home is consistently too cold or uneven, then right now is a perfect time to install a radiant floor heating system. If your carpets are getting a little too shabby and in the middle of winter you need to wear thermal socks on your hardwood floors, then, once again, now is a perfect time to install an underfloor heating system. Adding a new addition? Install an underfloor heating system!

Basically there are three different types of radiant heat that are ideal for specific constructions in your home. They are: low voltage, electric cable, and hydronic systems. If you are looking to replace your existing floor coverings then you should use either a low voltage system or an electric cable system.

Low Voltage System Electric Cable System

A low voltage system is very thin and flexible and can be installed under any flooring in your home whenever you have carpet, tile or hardwood floors. An electric cable system consists of wires that can be used under tiling, whether in your kitchen or bathroom.

Hydronic systems are ideal for use in any additions to your home. This type of system warms your floor by running hot water through tubing that lies underneath your floors.

Hydronic System

So why not keep up with the Joneses? There is no need to bulldoze your house to get an underfloor heating system. You just simply have to replace the flooring you currently have and you, too, can enjoy the comforts of radiant heating, like your neighbors next door. Now you can have something to brag about at your monthly block parties.

With a radiant floor heating system you will not only see a change in your electric bill, your comfort, and the heat inside your home, but you will also see a change in yours and your family's life.