Can You Do An Ironman Triathlon?

So you think you can become one of the 1 / 1000th of 1% of the world who can say they have gone and completed an Ironman Triathlon? It's quite an accomplishment to either swim 2.2 miles, or bike 112, or run a 26.2mile marathon – but to do them all consecutively in one day ?! Some would appeal this is borderline psychotic;) Suffice to say, I am one of those psychotic people and to occasionally give you some inspiration that this "crazy" triathlon accomplishment can be a legitimate goal in your own lifetime, I could not swim 10meters let alone 2.2miles when I sign up for my first Ironman.

With the right mindset and dedication, it IS in fact possible to squeeze in your training, your work, your social life, your laundry, your nap time, etc etc etc – but it all boils down to how badly you want it. The sport of triathlon is growing at an alarming rate, so it would seem that a LOT of people are looking for a new challenge beyond doing a 5km or 10km or marathon. I was in the same boat, having done a few marathons, I figured what other test of endurance could I subject myself to and doing an Ironman seemed about right … I do not exactly recommend doing Ironman as your first triathlon, nor do I recommend trying to do an iron distance triathlon without knowing how to swim – but if you want incentive to learn and a great incentive to push yourself to the limits of physical endurance – by all means;)

Of course, most people start by doing a sprint distance triathlon or even an Olympic distance as they are not quite as intimidating. Some are even held indoors and you have the luxury of swimming in a semi-heated pool as opposed to a freezing cold lake (at least where I'm from). You will not need to get yourself a top of the line time-trial bike and I've seen people do triathlon races with mountain bikes, and even a unicycle! Now THAT's crazy.

In any case, the point is, the sport of triathlon is not as "elite" as many people make it out to be. It's meant to be fun, it's meant to be a challenge, and there really is no better feeling than crossing that finish line for your first multisports race whether it's a short sprint, or your first Ironman. Regardless of distance you choose – Go For it!