Can You Start Bradelocz With Double-Strand Twists Instead of Braids?

In this article, I’d like to address a question that one of my email subscribers wrote to me and asked:

“Will it (Bradelocz) work with double-stranded twists instead of braids? I ask because i just think my hair looks better in 2-stranded twists than in braids. Have you had anyone use your system with double-stranded twists instead of braids?”

Sure you can start your locs with two-strand twists, of course. But no, they wouldn’t necessarily be considered Bradelocz, per say, simply because of the fact that, well, they’re not started with braids. They would just be considered locs started with twists. However, if you so chose to maintain the roots using the same method of tightening that is used with Bradelocz, which happens to be the Latchin’ Technique, you could most certainly do that!

But all-in-all, Bradelocz is a method of starting your locs specifically with braids (or plaits depending on who you ask or where you’re from) and then maintained (the tightening of the roots) by again, using the Latchin method which is basically an interlocking technique where you use a latch hook (yes the kind used to hook rugs) to tighten the roots. This method requires minimal-to-no product as opposed to twisting or palm rolling.

So if you choose to start your locs with two-strand twists as opposed to braids but follow along with all the other procedures and processes that go along with Bradelocz such as the tightening method, shampooing them, etc. – I certainly won’t tell anyone if you won’t! 😉