Cancel Back Surgery: Try the Inversion Table

The inversion table is the secret to healing back pain. Most people have never heard of inversion therapy, much less, tried it to solve their own back problems. However, a study conducted in 2008 showed that seventy percent of clients on inversion therapy were able to cancel appointments for upcoming back surgery. It is not a miracle product and no medical professional will tell a patient that inversion therapy will work overnight.

However, for effective, lasting, real treatment for many back pain varieties, inversion is the best way forward. The inversion table was created for users to perform inversion techniques in the comfort of their own home. Many models are based on the same technique, so finding the most comfortable variety for the individual patient is key.

Inversion is a method that angles the user closer to an upside down angle. The table tips leaving the weight of the head and torso to pull down at the feet. At full tilt, the table will have the user upside down, as if hanging from the ceiling. Getting upright again is a matter of finding the right table.

A good inversion table will have locking feet mechanisms. These devices will keep the body comfortably fastened to the table no matter what the inverted angle is. The table will also have equal weighting devices so that as a person uses the table he or she can easily tip forward or backward without straining or stressing muscles.

Prices on different models range from two hundred dollars to four hundred dollars. Many models spare excess padding in the backboard (since patients are lying upside down anyway), but more expensive models may stress comfort in the slight inclined position. Before a back pain sufferer spends thousands of dollars on back surgery that could limit his or her mobility, he or she should try an inversion table.