Cancer Protection and Vitamin D

As we all know, good dietary sources include fortified foods, eggs, salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines. If you take vitamins, no matter which ones, they, should not be taken with the intentions of supplementing your diet and should never replace any medications that you may be currently taking.

A long awaited medical research report was just released (June, 2007) regarding vitamin D. This new report states that vitamin D can indeed protect us humans from several different kinds of cancers including the top 3 killers: colon, lung and breast.

It's long been known that vitamins and other natural supplements can assist the body in helping to ward off certain ailments, but to the extent that something like the readily available and inexpensive vitamin D actually being able to "prevent" a deadly disease is indeed great news . Couple that with the fact this can be obtained by literally spending just pennies a day.

Because of vitamin D's assistance with calcium absorption in the body it has been found to also have a positive role in the prevention of osteoporosis. For this reason it is important to take vitamin D with a good calcium supplement.

Are you one of those person's that unfortunately became sick in the summertime? We all know that vitamin D is also referred to as "sunshine vitamin," thus it places a vital role in the strengthening of our immune system during the summer months. Vitamin D can also prevent colds and flu in the winter time. Research suggests vitamin D may also provide protection from hypertension, psoriasis, and several autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Sunshine converts to vitamin D in our bodies. Since UV rays from the sun is almost non-persistent in winter many people lack this wonderful natural absorption of vitamin D. Of course this does not apply to those fortunately individuals who live close to the equator and have exposure to the sun all year long . Hmmm: wonder why those northern 'Snow Birds' migrate to Florida, the Sunshine State, each year? If you are not a 'Snow Bird' and live in a 'Winter Wonderland' state, consider supplementing your diet with vitamin D. A safe would be about 1000IU a day. However, I am a very firm believer in taking vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis and personally take about 3000IU a day, year around.

Be advised that I am not a Health Professional nor am I a Doctor so my advice would be for you to talk to your doctor. However, make sure your doctor is one that appreciates and understands natural supplements and does not have a 'one track mind,' with pen and prescription note pad in hand, ready to write out a 'chemical' solution to your query.

I, personally, have been taking vitamins and minerals for over 10 years. I personally get my hair analyzed once a year. The hair analysis results will tell which vitamins and minerals need to be increased or decreased in my body. My very trusted Health Care Professional recommends the specific designated doses, that "my" body needs. It works! I also exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy foods.

Remember, if you are obese, if you do not eat a healthy diet and / or if you do not get the right amount of exercise, some type of "dis-ease" will catch up to you sooner or later no matter which vitamins and / or minerals you are taking! If you are not doing so already: start living a healthy life "today!" ~ Ms.CiCi ~