Candle Chandeliers

Chandeliers have a classical elegance about them, and of all the chandeliers available, the candle chandelier "takes the cake" because of its lighting. Whatever the make of the candle chandelier – wrought iron, crystal or antler – candles are fitted to it create a warm, romantic and inviting atmosphere. An incandescent candle chandelier, with shadows flickering around it, is really a spectacular sight. These chandeliers also give a medieval look to the place.

More than illumination, candle chandeliers are used more as mood pieces. It is as appropriate in a neatly ballroom as in the sleeping quarters. It does not belong either above the dinner table or above the bathtub.

What the candle chandeliers are not suited for are cramped living quarters, sleek furniture with clean cuts and lines or furniture with hard edges. This is because the candles exude a certain softness and do not look at home with such furniture.

Candle chandeliers require a bit of maintenance in the sense that apart from the regular cleansing and polishing of the chandelier frame, one has to also ensure that molten wax from the candles does not see into the nooks and crannies of the chandelier carvings. Accumulation of the wax will give the chandelier a mottled appearance. Another thing to consider is that if the chandelier is made up of glass or crystal, then you have to clean the surface thoroughly or the fumes from the candles will blacken them.

A candle chandelier glowing in all its exquisite beauty is a fragile object. It has a timeless appeal, but care and nurturing are necessary in order to sustain its glory.