Candle Chandeliers: Real Candles and Imitation Candles

People opt for candle chandeliers primarily because of its antique look and the mixture charm it brings into the whole room when the flame plays and shadows are cast on walls; extremely creating the perfect backdrop to an intimate evening. These lighting fixtures are used as an integral part of the room's decor and are suitable for a multitude of different themes and styles of the rooms.

The traditional candle chandeliers make use of real candles which can make it difficult to maintain as most chandeliers do not have an extensive surface to catch wax drippings, unless you have a pillar chandelier, which usually has a large surface or shelf to set pillar candles on. Using real candles does not require extra wiring or circuitry that could power up your electric bill. Real candles are often preferred by traditional folks who like seeing soft, flickering glows against their walls.

They are often placed not too high since real candles may scorch the room's ceiling. Sometimes, the candles are put in decorated jars to contain the wax drippings and also serve as shades. These fixtures come in a range of styles, and can add a more refined look to a candle chandelier. There are those that come with antique glass fixtures for a more dramatic and vintage look.

Most candle chandeliers that can be bought in home depots, furniture stores, and even the Internet offer versatile styling that coordinates with most home decor. These usually come with at least 4 pillar candle-style lights. They can be of varying heights for a more contemporary look, and sit on a hand-worked wrought iron circle base.

There are now some that have been modified to eliminate the use of real candles which can be a fire hazard. Imitation candles are actually tiny candelabra light bulbs that may come in both low and high wattage's to create an illusion of real candle flame.

These are candle chandeliers that feature thick glass diffusers that look remarkably like candles. There are also different shapes and styles of imitation candles, and you can get different wattage's as well, resulting in everything from a soft glow to a blazing, gorgeous focal point. This kind of candle chandeliers can hold as much as twenty 60-watt bulbs and normally hangs at a weight of more or less 50 pounds.

Although it features fake candles, this kind of chandelier continues to be popular for its timeless design with a traditional candle look.