Canvas – A Best Medium For Lucrative Painting

Canvas is broadly popular among all artists as the most common form of art. If you do not know, let me tell you, canvas is the best medium for oil painting. Many artists from Van Gogh to Dali have used this medium for creation of their magical arts.

Canvas is made of cotton, and it is a very heavy duty fabric. Canvas is an ideal base of painting having a simple weave. Generally, gesso coated canvas is stretched with the wooden frame before it is used for painting purpose. Cotton canvas had taken over the popularity from linen canvas in the beginning of 19th century. But some of the artists still prefer linen cotton as it stretches less compared to cotton canvas.

Most of the canvases are covered to make them smoother and easier for painting a process. Canvas is also easily available in the market. The modern painters use the benefits of both canvas texture and those of the paint itself. It is a stark contrast to the painters who likes to take great pains for not showing the texture.

If you will take an opinion of all artists, then they will certainly agree that oil on canvas is the best to create an attractive painting. If you will use oil paint on canvas, then the finishing of painting will become very extraordinary. So combination of oil paint and canvas is the best to create beautiful painting.

Canvas is very user friendly and also extremely durable too. The colors come out amazingly and each brush stroke is seen visible, and sometimes it is accentuated too. Nowadays, most of the painters use the texture of canvas for the best possible effect. Here are some of the well known canvas paintings …

1. Picasso's Guernica
2. Van Gogh's Sunflowers
3. Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory