Canvas Oil Paintings – How to Store Them Properly

After you spend your hard earned money on the most beautiful oil painting you have ever seen, it is important to know how to store it properly until you are ready to display it for all to see. Once you are finished reading this, it may seem like there many steps to storing canvas oil paintings. However, your investment will last for many years so that your great-grandchildren will be able to enjoy the beautiful piece of art. So, keep reading and make sure you know how to properly care for and store your breath taking artwork.

First off, you will need to make sure that you have frame to store your canvas in, even if you are not planning on displaying it in the frame. If it is of size where it can be cost effectively framed, you should do so. This is so your painting is not resting on the floor and the edges will not bend and the paint will not chip. Next, it is important to buy some padding for your canvas. The best kind to buy is called polystyrene. It is kind of like the plastic form of foam. It helps canvas oil paintings from getting scratches and also prohibits dust from settling on the painting.

It is important that canvas oil paintings are stored in areas that dry, dark and cool. Also, in a place that does not have any little (or big) insects running around. The insects can not only eat away at the canvas and frames, but also their droppings have acid in them and will destroy the paint. Normally, an area that has a consistent level of humidity and does not quickly fluctuate between hot and cold is best. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to spray the area around your canvas with an insecticide. This can ruin your investment forever.

Finally, keep your canvases standing vertical making sure that there is nothing around or behind them that could put dents into the painting. Canvas oil paintings are amazing additions to a home and for the best storage of your painting, hang it on the wall. It was created to be seen and enjoyed by all. Be sure you place it in an area that is not in direct sunlight so that it will not fade. Keeping it cool and dry will allow your painting to last for many years.