Capiz Chandelier

Found in the bodies of water of the Philippines and Indonesia, Capiz shells are abundant. Scientifically, they are known as Placuna placenta or windowpane oyster. It is a flat shell which is transparent and pearly and is an ideal material to use for lampshades, chandeliers as well as candle holders and the like. When illuminated, you’ll see the shells radiate a lustrous glow that will captivate anyone who sees it. A lot of people find Capiz chandeliers as a unique and striking item that are bound to receive a compliment from everyone.

A Smart Pick

Chandeliers that are made from Capiz instantly provide a beach-like ambiance with a beautiful light diffusion that radiates naturally and blends perfectly with the warm hues. It is also refreshing to hear the sound of the Capiz shell when blown by the gentle breeze of the wind. The wind’s gentle breeze will make the Capiz chandelier’s shells produce a sound that is soothing and calms your mind with just its mild rhythmic movement plus a tinkling pleasant sea shell sound.

Watch Out For

In finding such piece it is very important to note the authenticity of the Capiz shells, for there are some fake items in the market that sells something like the genuine shells that is made out of plastic and partly Capiz shells making it look like a real one. Thus this makes it difficult for buyers to identify which one is real or not.

Though you can use the price as an indicator if you are buying the real ones, it may not be enough. The uniqueness, quality of work or craftsmanship is also an indicator to know if you have the genuine items. Those that are plastic constructed were often being painted and does not have the unique and wonderful radiant which are the qualities of a real Capiz shell.

A chandelier made up of Capiz guarantees to become an admired and much loved home centerpiece in every home. In finding genuine and quality Capiz chandelier, you may want to consider looking for reliable people to contact with regards to this. You may also want to use the web to search for online producers of Capiz chandeliers and shell products.

Capiz Chandelier Market

There are numerous choices to choose from in selecting the right Capiz chandeliers for your home or establishment. And good things are there are also sellers who accept personalized orders and designs of your choice. Transforming your home and establishment into something more relaxing can be made as easy as possible through Capiz Chandeliers as your room or home centerpiece. If you live in Philippines or Indonesia which are the main producers of quality Capiz products, you may also find the local prices to be cheaper than those that are sold in the internet.

Capiz Chandeliers are not just like an ordinary chandelier that you buy, nor like the grandest chandeliers which were adorned with crystals and jewels. Capiz chandeliers create a statement of calmness, simplicity and class that transforms a room instantly by its presence.