Car Alarm Valet Switch

As the crime rate go up, the technological advancement that counters it works extra hard also to prevent it, especially with car theft. It is one of the most fastest rising crimes in the whole world simply because the car is one of the most desirable objects to steal. Another reason for this is also because cars are easy to sell. You can sell it as it is or rip off the parts and sell it on the black market and there would always be someone who would buy it. Thank God for car alarms and car security systems.

Did you know that the number of car theft is so bad in the United States that even New Jersey is called the “Car Theft Capital of the World” simply because the number of cars stolen there are ridiculously high. It is strictly a requirement that all car owners should a car security system installed in their cars. This is not a luxury anymore, it is a requirement. That is if you don’t want your car to be part of the “stolen” list. There are lots of security systems available for your car and you can always pick one that suits your preference and your budget. This way your car could be free from car theft, or at least lessen the chances of your car being a target of thieves.

But what if you need to let your friend borrow your car or you need to take it to a car wash with full car service? Or better yet, go to some place that has valet parking? There is a high chance that your car alarm would go off any second while away from you and you can’t let the valet parking guys suffer the blaring sound of your alarm. And you can’t give them the remote to your car alarm, it’s not convenient. This is where the car alarm valet  switch  enters.

It is practically a simple  switch  to turn the alarm on and off, a tiny  switch  that would save you from the becoming deaf (just kidding). Anyway, the  switch  is usually located somewhere that is not obvious, unobtrusive and cannot easily be reached from the outside. It is usually located underneath the car’s dashboard, on the side of the driver. But sometimes you can find it on the compartment, under the hood or the fuse box but that is practically rare. With one flip of the  switch  and its bye bye alarm. This is useful if you need it to shut up in most occasions like the ones that I mentioned earlier. Saves people a lot of trouble especially with car alarms of today where the sensitivity levels are ridiculously high; you really need to tell these guys about it. The idea came from the valet parking service that you often deal with if you go some place flashy lie a classy hotel or somewhere exclusive, if you get my drift. So the next time you give your car keys to the valet parking dude, tell him about the  switch .