Car Number Plate Accessories

Car number plate accessories have long been popular among some drivers as a way to enhance the individuality and look of their prize car. Of course, there are always official rules and regulations to consider before a car can be fitted out with such an accessory. In the UK, cars have to have registration plates both on the front and back of the vehicle, with a white plate on the front and a yellow plate at the back. In addition, there are strict rules regarding the font size and type that is to be used, determined by the need for clarity, visibility and uniformity. The height, width and thickness of the numbers and letters have to be of a specific type, which is determined by the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The types of accessories that are less strictly regulated include surrounds and plate fixings. Plate surrounds are types of frame that embody the number plate on the bumper of the car. They can be of different colours, with gold and silver shades being particular favourites; different thickness, either sleek or chunky and they can have lettering, symbols or pictures on them. Typical pictures and symbols include flags, national country indicators (GB for Great Britain) or pictures of people.

Car number plate fixings include such objects as personalised screws, fitting caps and stickers. Screws and caps can be highly colourful and designed according to particular specifications. There are multiple shops and online outlets specialising in number plate accessories so look around for the best deal and get personalising today.