Caravan TV Brackets – Tips To Install a Caravan TV Bracket

It’s fun to use TV brackets in a motor-home or caravan. It may be little different to mount a TV in a motor-home or caravan. Because they are made of different materials as those of our normal homes.

Motor-homes needs more care to install a mounting bracket. Although all manufacturers provide an installation kit with caravan or motor-home TV mounts, but as a user, following information may be helpful to successfully mount a TV in your caravan.

Motor-homes are manufactured with wooden or polymer walls. So it will become difficult to mount a bracket on these walls with ordinary screws.

Check the surface or place where you want to fix the TV bracket. Using normal screws to mount it will not be safe. A better solution is to mount your TV with nut and bolts. Install a metal plate to hold the nut bolts on either side of the wall.

Another good location to mount your TV bracket in a caravan could be the cupboard. You can use an “under cupboard TV bracket” or “Stowaway TV bracket” to get rid of wall surface/material problems. Under cupboard brackets will enable you to mount and fix the bracket firmly, avoiding any damage or breakage due to vibrations.

There are two types of caravan brackets available in the market. One with a thin fixing plate and other with a thick fixing plate. You can decide either of these fixing plates which better suits your needs.

Caravan or motor-home brackets generally manufactured with high profiles. They can swivel and rotate, have arms which can be extended and folded back to wall. These features will give you more flexibility and entertainment as well as a choice to arrange your TV with other furniture in the caravan.

Check the VESA standard of your TV and choose the right bracket accordingly. Check that a best TV for a caravan, should be, not more then 15 kg of weight. Some manufacturers claim a weight up to 20 kg. Heavy TV sets needs more secure fixtures. So carefully check the maximum weight a caravan TV bracket can hold.