Carbon Cast Concrete

Carbon Cast concrete is an innovative technology that uses conventional steel for primary reinforcing and C-GRID epoxy-coated carbon fiber composite grid for secondary reinforcing and shear transfer. This allows the material to be very lightweight compared to normal reinforced concrete.

It has greater long-term durability, increased insulating properties and greater sustainability on top of the benefits of other concretes. This technology is the first advancement in precast concrete in over 50 years. These precast panels can weigh up to 66% less than the normal precast.

Advantages of using Carbon Cast Concrete panels

· Energy efficient · They are light weight as a lot of the concrete mass in traditional precast panels is not needed · The panels are dry and mould free · Superior compared to ordinary precast concrete panels at load bearing · Non-combustible · The panels are quickly erected as they are light · The heating costs in the finished structure are reduced due to the insulation used in the panels · Carbon fibre will not corrode

The development Habitat for Humanity in New York City was constructed using Carbon Cast concrete panels. The houses could be erected very quickly as the panels are very light and much smaller machinery could be used to manoeuvre them into place. This meant that the project could be completed in a short space of time and families had homes a lot earlier than they would have had otherwise. Carbon Cast panels will last longer than the usual framed structures that are used. Carbon fibre reinforcement is used in the face of the panels instead of welded wire mess.

This allowed 50% of the concrete content to be removed as it is usually used to protect the steel mess from corroding and this will not occur with carbon fibre. As a lot of the mass has been removed EPS insulation could be incorporated in the panels. This will reduce the energy costs for the occupant significantly. As there is still concrete in the panels noise levels in the houses will be reduced. Concrete helps to keep internal noise inside and street noise on the outside. This improves the living conditions in the houses compared to conventional frame construction or brick dwellings.

These panels are resistant to insects, pests, mould and fire. This gives the occupier piece of mind that their home is safe. The external surface of the Carbon Cast panels can be made to look like most materials. This gives the designer the freedom to make their building attractive without compromising the structural properties.