Card Magic Trick – Royal Mounties

This is one of the very easy card tricks that you can perform with your friends. No special deck of cards is required. All you need is just an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Before performing this trick, you need to secretly look at the bottom card of the deck and remember it. This will be your key.

Then, allow the spectator to select a card from the deck and have him look and remember his selected card and replace it on top of the deck. You cut the deck and complete the cut, this will place your key directly on top of the spectator’s selected card.

Then you say “There is an old story about the Canadian Mounted Police, who boast that they always get their man. This deck has two Kings who are actually retired ‘Mounties.’ Please remember the name of your card while I find my policemen.”

Turn the deck with faces toward you. Spread the cards, pretend to look for the Kings, but actually, you are looking for your key (the card which you secretly look and remember before performing the trick). After that, you cut the deck to make your key to the bottom of the deck. Also, this will make the spectator’s selected card be the top card of the pack.

Then, you go through the cards again and remove the two black Kings (Clubs and Spades). Place these two Kings on the table, face up.

You then say “Here they are, two of the Royal Mounted Police. I’m going to put them into the middle of the deck, face up.” Now, place the deck behind your back. Pick up the first King and place it face up under the top card of the deck (the selected card). Pick up the second King and put it face up on top of the deck. Then, cut the pack.

Then you say “The two boys are now in the deck and hopefully they’re hard at work looking for their man.” Then, you ask your spectator for the name of his selected card. After the card has been named, place the deck on the table and spread the cards. The two Kings will be face up in the middle, with the selected card face down between them.

Have the spectator look at the card and you might say in the end that the tale was true that the Mounties always get their man.