Cardio Step Exercises at Home

When it comes to exercising, it goes without saying that the more you push yourself the more weight you will lose. There is no better way to push and challenge yourself to amazing weight loss in a short period of time than staircase/steps running. This article will direct you towards free cardio step exercises at home that will provide weight loss results like no other.

Now if you happen to be living in an apartment, finding a fleet of stairs just outside your home will not be a problem at all. Whereas if your home does not have a fleet of stairs then find the nearest apartment building around your neighbourhood and use that. Once you have found a fleet of stairs which is particularly going to be about 12-15 storeys you are ready to start. Now always remember before any strenuous exercises always do a simple warm up. So a few squats and stretches for about 15 minutes and get your leg muscles loosened up. If you are new to running up staircases then it is wise to start off with just 2 sets of 12-15 storeys with a 6 minute break in between. Try to avoid increasing the break in the middle. So go about doing that for roughly 2 weeks with 5 times each week. Keep in mind another important factor please do not run down after reaching the top because your legs will be rather unsteady and you might not be in full control of your legs. This might cause you to lose your balance and fall so avoid running down once u reach the top and take the elevator down.

After accomplishing the first stage of 2 sets of 12-15 storeys, 5 times each week for 2 weeks then u are ready for 3 sets. Now 3 sets there will not be any difference except for the break time in between each set should be reduced to 4-5 minutes maximum. Breathe in and out during breaks and avoid sitting down. What is recommended you do is walk around and looses your leg muscles further and do not let it contract. Do 3 sets, 5 times a week for another 2 weeks. Right after that, the final stage of staircase running, is do 4 sets of 12-15 storeys, 5 times a week with the same 4-5 minutes of rest in between. This particular exercise is very strenuous but extremely effective if you are looking to lose weight fast and in huge amounts. Always remember to wear a good pair of shoes and always keep your shoelaces tied when doing an exercise like this. It is important to be safe rather than sorry.

Weight loss will be noticed within just 3 weeks of this exercise on a scale of about 9-14 pounds depending on your body type and gender. Of course for this to happen you have to be consistent with the plan mentioned above and not have a stop and start routine as that will be rather ineffective. If running is not your thing, walking up the fleet o stairs will also be good to lose weight but it will take a rather longer time to see results. Whether it be walking or running up the staircase there is no doubt these free cardio step exercises at home will help you get rid of unwanted fat in no time.