Cardio to Lose Stomach Fat – Get a Flat Stomach With These 5 Amazing Workout Tips

In the next five minutes you will discover the proper use of cardio to lose stomach fat fast. You may have heard about the statement "Cardio is dead". This is not hundred percent true. "Long slow cardio is dead" or to make it more clear if you want different results you need to do things different. There are dozens of cardio exercises you can do that burn fat fast. But this is not the scope of the article. What you are going to learn is how to choose the right aerobic workouts. Choose the right exercises and you are one great step closer to burn body fat fast and sexy flat abs. And it does not matter if you are a male or female these stubborn fat loss tips do work for both sexes.

1) You do not need slow steady state cardio
Running on a treadmill will not give you the desired results. If you do this you will have to bring your body into the fat burning zone. With traditional cardio such as running or jogging it takes at least twenty but in most cases thirty minutes to achieve this stop doing the workout and your body stops burning fat is another big disadvantage

2) Not training with high intensity
Wasting your time will not give you a flat stomach. There is always spend your time on exercises that are moderate or high in intensity. With high intensity training you give your metabolism a boost and you end up in burning a lot of calories. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your cardiovascular disease is high enough for effective fat loss. If you can watch television or if you can call then you know that you need to train more intense.

3) Pick up some weights
It is ridiculous to think that weight lifting is only for bodybuilder or mass gainers. The most leanest and ripped persons in the world are training with free weights. And yes this includes females as well. Weight training is very important if you want to lose abdominal fat fast. After a weight training session you body has been stimulated and you are burning calories even at rest.

4) Do early morning cardio
For massive results it is highly recommended to do your cardio on an empty stomach. Early in the morning your levels of stored carbohydrates (liver glycogen) are low. Now when you do cardio during the day you burn less fat because your body needs to burn off the carbohydrates you eat first. So wake up do cardio and your body burns real body fat instead of carbs.

5) Get variation
Your body is much more smarter then you think and if you do the same thing over and over again then you will not improve or stop improving at all.

I hope you have a good idea now how to do cardio exercises to get a flat stomach. Keep in mind that nutrition is very important as well. Do not mess it all up by eating unhealthy.

Let me show you how to get lose fat, get a flat stomach and even six pack abs And there will be absolutely no more guess work. Guaranteed.