Care And Maintenance For Fine Watches

After you purchase expensive brand name watches online, you’re excited to wear them as often as possible. But over the years, scratches, dings, and dirt will accumulate and maybe your Invicta Russian Diver watch isn’t working as brilliantly or looking quite as shiny and new as it once was. Like any luxury item, a watch needs to be properly cleaned and maintained. With a few simple tips, your fine watches can look brand new.

A few basic rules that apply to all watches are to avoid water damage, chemicals or solvents, extreme temperatures, and strong electrical fields. Understand the difference between water resistant and waterproof. For any watch that is water resistant, check your owner’s manual to see how much water it can withstand. Most cannot tolerate too much water. If you notice water condensation on the inside of the watch face, take it to a jeweler immediately before it becomes permanently damaged. You’ll also need to take it in if there is salt water damage. Most fine watches can withstand shock, but it’s still a good idea to avoid serious impacts.

There are several precautions one can take to protect the band of the watch. Don’t use perfumes, colognes, or moisturizers near your wrist. Chemicals can erode the strap, whether it be leather or metal. Keep leather straps out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. A watch will need to be regularly cleaned. If you can, remove the metal bracelet and let it soak in water with a mild detergent. The longer you let the watch soak, the more dirt will loosen -making it easier to clean. Gently scrub the bracelet with a soft bristled brush. Rinse and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

To clean leather bracelets, slightly dampen a soft cloth and use mild soap to wipe it down. Never soak the leather band in water. Rinse the cloth and dampen it again with water to wipe away the soap. Make sure to dry it thoroughly. You can also use leather conditioners to keep the strap moist. For watch faces, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt.

Not only will you have to clean watches, you need to wind the watches so they can continue to accurately tell you the time. Watches with a manual mechanical movement should be wound once a day. Never over-wind the watch and stop when you feel resistance. Watches with automatic mechanical movement should be wound once every two weeks or so if the watch is worn every day. Whether you own Stuhrling watches or Michael Kors watches, you should have your watched serviced by a professional every two or three years.