Career As a Transportation Engineer

Transport engineering is a sub domain of civil engineering and it aims at designing and constructing efficient and comfortable means of transport for the public. It takes into account factors like traffic engineering, trip generation, urban planning to design such structures which can manage traffic and ensures smooth and hassle free travel for the public. There is a rapid increase in number of automobiles on road and hence accident rate has also increased drastically. So, the need of the hour is to design such infrastructure which can aid in lowering accident rates.

Nature of Work

Being in a job of civil engineering domain, a transportation engineer is supposed to look after every aspect of designing, drafting and realizing transportation infrastructure like roads, flyovers, roundabouts etc. first of all a design pattern is laid out and its feasibility is checked on various parameters. Each idea which is conceived may not be feasible under realistic domains. So it is job of transportation engineer to check feasibility of such projects.

While working on large projects a transportation engineer has to coordinate with large number of people who are involved in different works. So it is mandatory that he should have good communication skills in order to manage everything well. Job of a transportation engineer can be tiring sometimes as you have to be on site for long hours. So one needs to be physically fit and healthy to take on all the hardships associated with this work.

Educational Qualifications

Being an engineering discipline, science background is mandatory to pursue a career in transportation engineering. You need to have a logical thinking aptitude and a calculative mind. Transportation engineer needs to design and draft blueprints for large infrastructures. So knowledge of engineering drawing is also required to perform our job efficiently. Many universities and colleges provide bachelor's and associate degree in this domain. You can take up this course individually or as a sub discipline of civil engineering.

Transportation engineering provides bright career opportunities for those who want to build efficient transportation system for their country and help common people to have a hassle free traveling experience.