Career Fashion – How To Choose A Pair Of Earrings For A Professional Image

What types of earrings go with your office attire?

How do you accessorize your business suit to enhance your professional image instead of detracting from you carefully cultivated I-mean-business business image?

Carefully chosen jewelry would certainly help. Bold earrings that draw attention to your face are a career woman’s best friend. Especially if you are on the large side.

Caution should be taken here. Bold as in earrings that are fixed to your earlobe with nothing dangling from them. Save your drop earrings and chandelier earrings for your evening dates. They have no place in the office. When you make a presentation, you do not want to distract the audience with baubles jingling jangling from your ears. That would look unprofessional.

Another thing. If you want to be taken seriously at work, cleavage should be avoided in the office environment. Cover up, dress professionally to project a business-like image.

As for accessories, a pair of earrings would be all you need.

If you have sharp features, a narrow face or angular features, round earrings and earrings with curved lines would look good on you. If your face is flat or round or wide, visually slim your face and sharpen your features with angular shapes and vertical lines.

If you normally wear drop earrings and chandeliers because these look good on you, you can switch to earrings that are longer and wear them vertically. Like round earrings? Go for oval ones instead and position them so they are longer vertically.

For work, the subtle look is best. You can’t go wrong with stud earrings. If you want to project a successful image, try diamond studs. They are subtle, but the dazzle from the diamonds would light up your skin, drawing attention to your face.

If diamonds are too expensive go for cz earrings []. These are stunning, expensive looking yet very affordable. So much so that you can even have a pair to match every outfit. You don’t have to stick to single stone stud earrings. As long as it doesn’t dangle distractingly, you can wear it to work.

For a more mature, sophisticated look, go for peals. Not just earrings. A short strand of pearls around looks elegant. Like a lady or a well groomed, successful business woman.

How To Choose Earrings For The Office [].