Careful with who you hire: an employment screening background check primer

We live in a time where documents are routinely faked, ending up in legal

tangles for companies who failed to hold a proper employment screening

check on their employees. If you hire a new IT guy with a

glowing experience background that blinds you to examine his deeper past,

you could end up getting dragged to court and your company’s name along with it,

when that IT guy is sued for sexual harassment charges. Who could have thought

his mild manner and schoolboy mustache hides criminal records?

An employment screening background can verify the what-about the person

you are eyeing on hiring. His credentials, his advanced degree, his internship

with companies, his social security number down to the year of his graduation

from which college; from his driving history, credit history, and finally

criminal records of charges hurled at him, dropped, and those for which was

convicted of. You should even know when and how long he stayed in drug rehab or

with the local alcoholic recovery group. An employment screening background

check‘s purpose is to build some avenue of trust, of both hands seen on

the table, nothing up one’s sleeves, so to speak. Like that adage of old: trust,

but always verify.

The resume is not the end things, regardless of how shiny it looks, regardless

even of how pleasant the applicant looks like. Introduction to psychology

classes will tell you that people tend to associate bad intentions and suspect

wrong doings with people who are less attractive, than those who are. This basic

human bias can make you hire people, overlooking an employment screening

check in the process. Don’t.

In resources are tight, you can do the employment screening background

yourself, starting with an online search. Or you can use some free

online background checking websites. Or you can hire an

investigative firm for more thorough run, giving you an exhaustive comb of the

Internet and of information not usually accessible that way. Either way, to both

increase productivity and lessen the chances of getting problem employees, you

cannot overlook doing an employment screening background check