Carhartt Flannel Lined Shirt

Preferences may vary from person to person but quality is something which we all prefer. Are you someone who prefers class over cost? Do you care more for the feel of the cloth than the price tag attached to it? If your prefer quality over quantity we have just the thing for you.

Carhartt, a brand which has been designing quality products for the last 120 years brings to you the latest innovation in their men’s wear section, the Flannel Canvas Shirt Jacket. Especially known for their premium work clothing, Carhartt has never led one down in durability, comfort and fit.

The makers of Carhartt consider service and satisfaction before anything else. Durability is one of the prime concerns at Carhartts and hence every fabric used in their clothes has to go through rigorous testing. Only once the brand is sure that the fabric can live up to the standards of the Carhartt name is the fabric used in a cloth.

The Carhartt flannel shirt can also be labelled as Carhartt Winter Shirt as one of its special features is that it doubles as a light jacket coz of the flannel lining. One has a wide range of shades to choose from as the shirt is available in black, brown, dark brown, midnight, moss, port and straw. A regular size S296 Carhartt flannel shirt will cost you a reasonable $50.00.

The Carhartt winter shirt is flannel lined for giving us extra warmth. For people not well acquainted with flannel, it’s a soft woven fabric, made from synthetic fibre. Coming back to the shirt it is composed of 9-ounche, 100% cotton canvas, the flannel lining is a 4-ounche, 100% cotton again. The 100% cotton content makes it an extremely comfortable wear.

Amongst other unique features are antique styled brass snaps and a couple of chest pockets which are made by rivet reinforcements for longevity. Triple stitching of main seams is ensured to provide the flannel shirt durability. You can also be rest assured about the fit coz Carhartt has been famous for it for over a hundred years.

Best on cold to chilly days the shirt keeps you warm on all occasions. Once you are inside one you are sure to cut the cold out. The Carhartt flannel canvas shirt jacket can also be worn over a shirt like a light jacket. Be it fishing or working outdoors, this is the perfect product for moderate to rough use.

You can go ahead wearing it as frequently as you desire being assured that the shirt is going to last really long. It’s a multipurpose shirt and can be worn on numerous occasions. Its trendy looks make it apt to be worn even on dinners. Available in various shades and sizes Carhartt has a perfect fit for all.

Make sure you rush to a Carhartt store right away and beware you might not be done with just one. Make sure you purchase at least a couple of this multipurpose shirt – jacket.