Caring for Antique Wood Flooring

When you choose antique flooring for your home, you are choosing something that is endowed with a rich history. Everything it has been through is shown on its lined surface, and that is what makes this kind a wonderful type of flooring. Antique flooring comes in many different types of wood, including oak and pine. Its rough craftsman look is what makes it so appealing to many homeowners. This spectacular flooring can come from a variety of places, old houses, barns, and old public buildings. That is why it has such a rich history. When you buy antique flooring, you will cherish it for its beauty and the fact that each line in the flooring tells a story about its past!

The care and maintenance for antique wood flooring varies depending on what type of wood the floor is made out of, and what kind of protective finish the floor has. It is easy to find directions on proper care, but here are some tips to follow in case you get stuck without instructions on maintenance. Antique floors are usually old, and you should handle them with care. You can help protect your floor from scratches by placing mats around the house in places with a lot of traffic such as the kitchen or living area. Another good idea would be to use area rugs that are both stylish and serve the purpose of protecting your floor from dust, harmful UV rays, and also the wear and tear of everyday life.

When it comes to cleaning the floor, never use harsh chemicals. And when you absolutely must mop, use small amounts of water to avoid warping. You may use a duster or a vacuum several times a week or to your own satisfaction. Antique floors can be damaged from furniture such as dining room chairs, so frequently moved from one place to the other. Because of this, it is a good idea to reserve the look of your floor by adding pads to the legs of your chairs and other items that could damage the flooring. Also, never use oils or sprays on the wood, and keep potted plants from leaking onto the surface of the wood. This can also cause damage.

Sunlight can also take its toll on antique flooring, leaving sunspots on the flooring. To prevent such damage, you should place blinds or curtains on windows that allow the sun to make direct contact with the flooring. This will be sure to keep your antique flooring from fading or any other sun-related damage. By following these simple steps your floor will keep its beauty and grace for many years to come. Antique flooring is a special type of flooring that requires special care, so be sure to always use the proper care and maintenance instructions.

Never forget to take into consideration the type of floor you have and what kind of protective sealing it possesses. The care can be different for some depending on those facts. By placing antique floors in your home, you are adding a certain touch of classic beauty that only antique floors can bring.