Caring For Your Beaver – Grooming and Feeding

Grooming: An important Daily Routine.

Grooming your beaver daily is very important for it’s health and longevity. Take great care when washing. Do not get soap in it’s whispering eyes. There are several special soaps on the market made specifically for this purpose. Do a Google search for pet soaps. It’s important to remember that some of the soaps on the market can be harsh and may dry out the skin. Therefore it is important to get a quality moisturizing lotion to replenish the moisture. You can oil your beaver, but there is potential for infection, so it’s best to avoid these products.

Feeding your pet beaver.

Beavers love human food; anything from corn on the cob to sub sandwiches. However, these foods are not appropriate and can be harmful to it’s health. An appropriate diet for a beaver ranges from shredded lettuce to carrots. Avoid gooey cheeses. Beavers also enjoy hardwoods.

Physical Contact

The next step in pleasing your beaver is to make physical contact to enhance your relationship. Beavers love to be touched. The key to making your beaver happy is to make long smooth strokes. Be gentle. Aggressive petting may be startling to your furry friend.

Create an inviting environment.

Beavers live in a den in nature. It’s vital that you create a den-like atmosphere at home. Water and twigs are essential. Allow your beaver to stack it’s own wood. Offer up the supplies and let them work without interference. This allows them to take an active role in their happiness and general comfort.

Beaver keeping is easy if you follow these steps. Remember a happy beaver is one that is well groomed, well fed, offered physical intimacy by it’s family, and allowed to take part in creating it’s own space in your home and your life.