Caring for Your Camping Stove

For camping equipments to last long, they should be handled well. Camping stoves are no different. By taking care of your stove, you are guaranteed to enjoy campfires and cookouts for a long time. By following these maintenance tips, your camping stove is guaranteed to last.

Get yourself acquainted with the camping stove.

Before using your stove, be sure that you have read the user’s manual from start to finish. People usually ignore manuals and prefer to assemble equipments by themselves. But oftentimes not reading user’s manuals could result to improper usage and incorrect assembly of equipments. By following the correct procedures in setting up and using the stove, you will be able to operate the equipment fully and properly.

Test-drive your stove.

Before setting off somewhere far from civilization, be sure that you have already learned how to use your camping stove. Before the big day, experiment with your stove, get to know it well and get used to it. Make sure it functions okay and does what it’s supposed to do. This way you can protect yourself being beset with stove problems while you’re in the wilderness.

Use the appropriate fuel.

Always ask about the fuel to be used for the stove. Some of them can be used with different types, while others work only with a certain type of fuel. It is possible that specific types of fuel can affect the life of your stove or clog it up. The different types of fuel are kerosene, diesel fuel, white or unleaded gasoline, Coleman fuel, propane, butane and denatured alcohol. To be sure, choose a multi-fuel stove.

Fresh fuel is better.

When you first purchased your camping stove, it was free from clogs. It should stay that way. For your stove to remain unclogged, make sure you use only fresh fuel. Old fuel, most especially the one stored in the tank, breaks down and causes impurities that bung up your stove. Also, using old fuel is dangerous since it might be contaminated.

Filter while filling fuel tank.

Use a fuel funnel with filter while filling the fuel canister of your camping stove. This way water and debris won’t get into the fuel line of your stove and clog it up. In addition, when opening and closing your fuel canister, do it in such a way that obstructions do not enter it. This is to prevent your stove from clogging up.

Keep your stove spotless.

Make sure that you clean your stove properly after every use. Wipe it with warm water and dishwashing soap and then dry it before storing. Cleaning your stove after using it will prevent buildup in the burners and make the stove more fuel-efficient, corrosion-free and rust-free.

Store your stove safely.

Keep your stove where it should be. When you’re on a camping trip, put your stove and fuel away from fuel. Some stoves come with padded sacks or special cases just for this. When you’re not out camping, make sure that your stove and fuel are stowed separately.

Your cooking exploits at camp can be made more fun and enjoyable if you have a functional camping stove. By caring for your stove, you can prolong its life and keep it working efficiently.