Carpet Cleaning How To – Three Carpeting Cleaning Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

Do you need a few carpet cleaning how to tips?

Do you avoid inviting friends and family to your house because of

unsightly carpet stains and embarrassing carpet odors?

Do your children and pets always seem to track mud across the


Do your children –or perhaps you — spill drinks on the carpet

on an almost daily basis?

If you would like to end your dread of dirty and smelly carpets,

relax and follow these three simple carpet cleaning tips for

keeping your carpet stain free and for carpet odor removal.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #1: Routine Maintenance for a Longer Life

Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. Dirt, pet hair, and

other grime accumulate in the carpet fibers resulting in dirty

looking carpet and problems for allergy sufferers. If the dirt

and grime is left to build up, your carpet can become damaged and

it will be more difficult to thoroughly clean.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #2: Clean Spills Immediately

Clean up spills immediately to avoid odors and stains. If a

solid substance –food or animal waste — is the problem, use

paper towels to carefully remove the mess before cleaning the

carpet. Take care to lift the mess straight up without further

rubbing it into the carpet. Once the problem is removed, begin to

clean the spot with plain water and paper towels or clean rags.

Blot the area with the paper towels and then using the towels,

move in a circular motion clockwise and then repeat going counter

clockwise to remove all traces of the mess. Avoid scrubbing the

carpet spill as this may damage the fibers of the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #3: Use the Mildest Form of Cleaner Possible

If plain water does not remove the spill, combine water and a

small amount of mild liquid soap. This solution should help

remove most stains. However, if you still can’t get the spill

clean, consider a chemical carpet spot remover. Remember that

chemicals can damage carpet fibers and products designed

specifically to remove carpet stains may contain dangerous


Use chemical products sparingly. Make sure you work in a well

ventilated area and wear gloves. Before using a chemical cleaner,

test it in a hidden area to make sure it will not discolor or harm

your carpet . To clean the spot, apply a small amount of the spot

remover to a rag and wipe gently in a circular motion. Rinse with

clean water and blot dry with more rags. Remove as much water as

possible to avoid mildew or carpet damage.

Taking the time to clean up spills immediately will prevent the

unsightly carpet stains and embarrassing carpet odors that may

prevent you from enjoying the company of friends and family in

your own home.