Carpet Cleaning – Tips, Tricks and Tactics About Carpet Cleaners

Deciding which carpet cleaner to use in today’s market isn’t as simple as you would think. We are flooded with deceptive promotions, conflicting opinions and simply inferior service. It’s especially difficult to find a skilled professional and an experienced carpet cleaner. Finding a carpet cleaner to use should be as simple as looking it up in a phone book but it’s not. In order to make your decision you have to be wise to all of the carpet cleaning tactics that carpet cleaners will use to get your business.

How many of us have heard a story from a friend or family member about someone who had their carpets cleaned and was unsatisfied with their service. In fact, there are some horror stories about carpet cleaners.

One person said that the carpet cleaner that they hired to clean their carpets came into their home, sprinkled a powder on the floor, and then removed the powder with a vacuum cleaner. They felt completely ripped off because the carpet looked the same as before. Here they had spent hundreds of dollars for a service they could have done themselves to get the same results. So, if this is a common problem how do you choose a carpet cleaner?

The answer is simple, by learning the tricks and tactics that carpet cleaner’s use you are better prepared to find out which one is right for you. Some of the most common bait and switch tactics that they’ll use involve the price. One of the biggest complaints from people is that they were quoted a very low price on the phone but when the carpet cleaner arrives they use high pressure tactics to get you to order a bunch of extra services, the next thing you know your under $100.00 carpet cleaning is now over $500.00.

Many carpet cleaners like to price the job by the square foot. The problem is that they quote you by the square foot and this can be very vague. They are not committing to a total price over the phone. When they arrive at your house, things quite often change.

Make sure, when you order your carpet cleaning you are sure to get a definite quote, be specific as to which rooms will be included. Ask questions about the service, does it include vacuuming, do they move the furniture, is any sort of stain protection included and will they be spot treating or is that extra. By forcing the company to commit to a price on the phone and being specific about what is included, you remove any chance for them to increase the price later. Some very reputable carpet cleaning companies actually charge by the room, regardless of the size, this is an efficient way to price the service because the only way they can charge you more is if you add on rooms.

Another important concern you should have when choosing who will clean your carpets is the experience of the technician. Aiming to do business with a larger company or one that has been in business a long time isn’t always the answer. The problem is there are a lot of department stores and other recognized businesses that offer carpet cleaning, but they have a very high turnover of staff and they hire technicians with very little training.

Always make sure that you ask who the technician is who will be cleaning your carpet and how much experience do they have. The last thing you want is an inexperienced worker using the wrong chemicals to spot clean. This will not only increase your risk of setting the stains in worse, but also damage the fabric in your carpets permanently.

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your carpets because you were nervous about which company to use, there’s no need to wait any more. If you put off cleaning it too long the carpet will look dirty, and waiting can cause enough damage that the carpets might never look good again. Use the information in this article to find a carpet cleaning company who is skilled, experienced and professional and you will be happy with your choice.