Carpet Cleaning – What Not to Do

Do you value the carpet in your home? Considering that it was a few thousand-dollar investment, you certainly should! Instead of forgetting about your carpet and neglecting it, you should afford the carpets in your home the appropriate time, money and effort required to keep them looking good in the years to come. Have you ever been in an old home with 20 to 30-year-old carpet? Apart from probably being an out-of-style color, the carpet certainly will no longer maintain its original give or agreeable smell. The smell of old carpet is never pleasant. You can prevent this from developing prematurely by knowing what things you should not do if you hope to maintain the good appearance of your carpet between professional carpet cleanings.

Do not let stains dry before cleaning them. No matter what has been spilled onto your carpet-juice, mustard, spaghetti-you should clean it up right away. Even if your dinner must go cold as you scrub the spot, it will be worth it to get the staining material out by carpet cleaning without delay. Dry stains are not only harder to clean, but they are also given the opportunity to sink deep into the carpet and possibly into the carpet backing. This will result in mildew growth which can lead to the unpleasant smell associated with old carpet.

Do not assume that because you cannot see dirt in your carpet that there is none. Especially if you have speckled carpeting, you may not be able to spot the dirt simply by glancing at your carpet. That is the entire purpose of this kind of carpeting, after all, but dirt still settles nonetheless. By neglecting your vacuuming duties, you allow the settled dirt to cut into the carpet fibers and damage them. Allergens also thrive in un-vacuumed carpet, so if you have a sensitive allergy, you should employ carpet cleaning in the form of vacuuming at least once a week.

Do not wear your shoes around the house. If you do not feel comfortable in bare feet, buy a pair of shoes you wear exclusively inside the house. Have you ever looked at the bottom of your outdoor shoes? You certainly do not want all that dirt and mud dragged across the clean carpet. These are all great ways to keep your rugs from wearing out between professional carpet cleaning sessions, which should occur every 12 to 18 months to lengthen the life of your carpet.