Carpet Finishes

Carpet finishes are not only important but also go a long way in determining how the carpet lasts. Finishes are of two types internal or external. The internal finishes are given in a way that they become a part of the fiber structure while the external ones alter the way the carpet looks, feels and its overall performance.

The finishes given to the carpets include

Flame retardants: Flame can destroy not only the carpet but the toxic fumes given off are extremely hazardous to health. Emission factors of a carpet including the flame spread and smoke factors should be given special attention during the purchase of the carpet. Lower the numbers better it is for the carpet. Flame retardant finish works on reducing flaming and charring and also the afterglow. Carpets at home are often exposed to flames or sparks from cigarettes, stoves or matches hence this finish is extremely important especially for homes with synthetic carpets.

Moth proofing: The first consideration while buying a wool carpet should be to check for moth proofing. Fibers of a wool carpet are very rich in protein making them susceptible to moth attacks. This finish is not meant for the synthetic carpets but it’s extremely required for the woolen ones, if the carpet is not moth proof then it should be kept very clean.

Anti-static Finish: Using an anti-static spray on the carpet can seem an option to you if you haven’t gone for one with this finish but the fact is that the sprays do not work well, they might pave way for the carpet to get more readily soiled and might also make it’s warranty void if you choose a brand which hasn’t been recommended by the manufacturers. Anti-static finish is required for all the carpet types as it reduces the chance of getting the electric shocks during the dry winter months, or other times of the year too. Also, a carpet devoid of this finish tends to get soiled far more easily hence make sure you check for this finish when you buy a carpet. Some finished needs to be applied again after a certain span of time as they loose their effect.

Stain/Soil resistant finishes: Another very important finish and about 90% of carpets do have it. This finish makes the carpet about 3-4 times more resistant towards soiling and staining. This finish makes the carpet fibers resist dirt by not allowing it to stick to the fibers. This finish is basically of two types, fluoro-chemicals and silicone, while the first one protect against both oil borne soils and water borne soils, the second treatment only makes the carpet resistant to watery soiling.