Carpet – How to Get the Best Deal When Buying Carpet?

Studies have found that most people are overwhelmed with the choices and confusued by the conflicting advice on selecting carpeting for their home.

Considered an expert on Carpets and Flooring, I am going to give you some valuable tips to selecting both a carpet and a professional installer.

1. Be sure to only select carpets made of either nylon or wool. My preferennce is nylon. With prices of oil escalating, carpet manufacturers have seen the price of nylon escalate as well. In return, more and more carpet mills are producing carpet from polyester. My advice is to select a carpet constructed of at least 80% nylon.

2. When selecting the carpet, pay close attention to the label on the sample. The label should discard the Manufacture, Fiber (nylon) and it should include both a Style name and a Color name.
Many home centers, have their samples labeled especially for them. This results you from comparison shopping. If you know the store is concealing the name, why would you purchase from them. You need to be able to compare apples to apples.

3. If you a carpet you like, as for a wholesale or cash and carry price, tell them you already have your own installer and that you are simply shopping for the best price. Ask if thiers a discount for cash.

4. Ask your installer if he or she can get a wholesale price. Sometimes installers have discounts that the stores will not offer to you.

5. Get your own installer. Many times finding your own installer can save you a lot of money.
Many stores will greatly discount the price of the carpet if they do not have to be involved with the installation.

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