Carpet Repair – A Do it Yourself Guide to Maintaining and Fixing Your Carpet

Carpet Repair does not have to evoke feelings of panic and visions of big money. Depending on what exactly is wrong with your carpet and how it happened chances are you can fix your own carpet. Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of your home.

Some carpet repairs are minor and can almost be viewed as carpet maintenance. For example, carpet can appear fuzzy and develop a pill like surface after a period of time. An easy way to fix this is to simply cut the loose and fuzzy fibers from your carpet much like removing them from a sweater.

Small burn marks, such as those from cigarettes or cigarette ash can also be cut from your carpet if they are small enough. You can also remove stains by hand if you respond quickly enough. Water or better yet club soda poured onto a stain and then dabbed dry will lift most stains right out of your carpet. A small amount of soap (detergent or dish soap) on a stain can also remove it from your carpet. Once the stain is removed, allow the area to dry and then vacuum it well.

Furniture marks can also be removed from a carpet with club soda. Pour a small amount on the indentation and dab with a towel. Do this until you have removed most of the moisture. Let it air dry and then vacuum the area in a variety of directions. The end result will be a smooth carpet surface. All manner of shredding, uneven fibers, pills and tufts should be spot addressed with scissors. Because different parts of the carpet are used and worn differently, they have different maintenance needs. You never want to pull fibers from the carpet as this thins the carpet and loosens existing fibers. Trimming them removes the uneven look without damaging the rest of your carpet.

For high traffic areas, vigilance is a key piece of maintaining the look of your carpet. High use areas can get flattened and look darker. This is both due to dirt and the flattening of the fibers. Regular vacuuming against the wear of the carpet will help to keep the fibers upright and fluffy. Brushing the carpet against the wear will also help to keep the fibers fresh. Letting this go untreated will cause your carpet to wear unevenly.

If you have heavy water damage, a large industrial sort of stain or a large burn area you may need to replace all or a part of your carpet. This would be a time to hire a professional to decide what is best for your carpet. If you stay one step ahead of things, you can avoid this often costly process. If you are unsure about what to do, a quick call to your carpet dealer or a quick online search is your best bet. The professionals know what is best and will give you the advice you need!