Carpet Squares Are Tile Shaped Cut Outs

Carpet squares are tile shaped cut outs that can be placed on the floors. They are also sometimes known as modular tiles or carpet tiles. It has been traditionally used for commercial floor tile installation, however because of their growing popularity manufacturers have begun manufacturing aiming at consumers. Because of their sudden recognition the prices of carpet tiles has significantly changed. These carpet squares are well liked because of their easy installation. People have begun to use carpet tiles for their porches and verandas.

Where are carpet squares most popular?

Carpet squares are most popular on the airports and schools. They are also popular in heavy traffic areas. They are easy to maintain as well. In heavy traffic area they can be easily sooner to damage, and so they can be removed, repaired and re-installed. This process is not time consuming and since it will not come in the way of smooth functioning of the place. Stained and damaged ones, which are irreversible can easily be changed or replaced. As soon as the tiles are installed they may appear separate, however overtime as they are stepped on, they even out and they look as if one whole large carpet.


Earlier, carpet squares were priced more than the broadloom carpets, and since they were not really considered by the regular consumers, who were interested in merely covering their floor, so paying exorbitant prices for something that is also available at much reasonable prices would seem foolish . Because of this reason, carpet tiles did not pick up initially. However now, they are well installed.

Types of carpet squares:

To begin with, you will be able to find a large variety in the tile size. You will find sizes ranging from 18-inch, 36-inch and even 6-ft. The material used for making carpet tiles also varies. You may encounter fiberglass, vinyl-back, urethane back, recycled vinyl back, vinyl with fiberglass, woven polypropylene, and others. The pile style types may also vary, from loop-pile to cut-pile. It is difficult to rank or rate the different types of carpet tiles, as each one is unique, and appears different in different areas according to the necessity of the area.

More information regarding purchase, installation and maintenance can be obtained from a number of websites.