Carpet Stretching – How to Do it Effectively

There are two very important things that you need to know when you have carpets in your home, and these are carpet stretching and carpet cleaning. Although you might think that you don’t need to know these things because there are carpet cleaners that you can hire from different firms offering carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, then you thought wrong.

Even if you will hire a carpet cleaner, you will still need to know the basics about carpets so you can determine if what he is doing is right or not and you could correct him. The same goes for carpet stretching. Whether you will install your carpets personally or not, you also need to know how this is done. This is even true with other things that need to be done in your home like upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and grout cleaning.

Get the Right Tools

Just like carpet cleaning in Las Vegas or grout cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning, carpet stretching also needs a number of tools that would help yield positive results. If you are planning to install your carpets yourself, be sure to buy the tools needed for this job. The ones that are being used by professionals like carpets cleaners in stretching and cleaning carpets are more effective. This is if you want to achieve the look that a carpet cleaner might produce after he installs or stretches your carpets.

Remember also that these tools will not only be used in installing your carpets but also in stretching them once they start to wrinkle. Carpets tend to do this after years of use and you would need carpet cleaners from different firms offering carpet cleaning in Las Vegas correct this. This means that the installation tools you used will also be used by a carpet cleaner in the maintenance of your carpets. If you also have tools for upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning and tile cleaning, then you cleaners will make use of these as well if you will tell them.

Here are some of the basic steps that you could follow in installing your carpets and stretching them properly. Although you could hire carpet cleaners from the firms offering carpet cleaning in Las Vegas to do this for you, it would also be good to know how to do it, just like knowing how to do upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning and tile cleaning. While your carpet cleaner is doing these things, you might like to watch and observe so you could do it yourself next time.

1. Ensure that your carpet is sized just right for the space you intend to cover. Leave an inch of carpeting along the borders of this space.

2. Put on tack strips on the corners of your room as you will need these to attach your carpet to. Make sure that your carpet is firmly attached to these strips by pulling at it gently. You would also need a knee kicker at this stage.

3. To install the other end of your carpet, it is best if you will utilize an automated stretcher.

4. There is a level to this carpet stretcher that you must activate so that your carpet would be pushed and stretched over the tack strips that you have placed on the opposite side of the room.

5. Then, use a wall trimmer to cut down the excess parts of the carpet that you have installed. If there are unsightly remains of the carpet, make sure to tuck these behind the tack strip.

6. Once this has been done, you must continue to secure the carpet to the tack strips and then at the doorways, be sure to install metal strips for additional support.