Carpet Tiles Vs. Broadloom Carpet

Two of the most popular floor coverings are broadloom carpet and carpet tiles. Each choice has advantages, and the option that you choose for your flooring will be determined by the specific features that best fit your specific needs.

The term “broadloom” refers to the 12-foot width of the carpet. In general, a broadloom meter refers to a piece of cover that is 1 meter long by 3.66 meters wide; however, this is not a standard measurement, since other manufacturers refer to broadloom measuring from 2 meters to 5 meters. It’s wise to confirm before coming to any conclusions. Broadloom or wall-to-wall carpets are simply any type of carpet woven on a very wide loom. They are easy to install and have few telltale seams, making them effective heat and sound insulators. Since they can be installed without the creation of seams, they carry an obvious advantage, especially when they are used to create area covering in large rooms. These carpets carry a size advantage over machine-woven carpets produced on a narrower loom.

Broadloom carpets are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Most of these designs are made with looms operated with computer programs. This effectively allows the manufacturer to choose the, pattern, size, height of the pile and any other desirable features. This type of carpet can be loop or pile woven and manufactured in a wide variety of colors. These carpets can be made from a number of natural materials such as horsehair, wool or sisal, and one of their greatest advantages is that they can be made with special fibers or chemical treatments that make them fire resistant.

On the other hand, carpet tiles are popular for a number of benefits of their own. However, these tiles may have a fall-and-slip issue, especially when wet. Many varieties of carpet tiles have advantages compared to Broadloom carpets since carpet tiles may come with built-in treatments protecting them against bacteria and stains. Since they can be easily cleaned, they are commonly used in medical and hospital facilities. Certain brands of carpet tiles are treated to resist mildew and mold, a difficult feature to achieve in broadloom carpets. Though users of carpet tiles may encounter more fall and slip issues when the tiles are wet, they can also be impermeable, odor resistant and improve your indoor look.

You will have a finite number of choices in broadloom carpets, but carpet tiles offer a wider range of choices for home owners. Carpet tile comes in a wide variety of colors with different designs and patterns and typically are very easy to clean as compared to broadloom carpets. You may need only a simple wipe for these tiles while you will need a more thorough treatment to clean and remove stains from broadloom ones. Carpet tiles are very easy to replace as you need to replace only a single tile or the broken pieces, but if broadloom carpet is stained or otherwise damaged, you will need to get rid of your worn-out carpet in general, which can be very costly on your part. Carpet tiles are also more durable than any broadloom ones, especially if they are well taken care of.

Property owners have a number of choices in floor covering, and the good news about broadloom carpet and carpet tile is that either may be chosen to fit the owner’s specific needs and preferences.