Carpet Weaving in India

Carpets have a history, which belong to very ancient times. Now it has become a flourished industry. It has numerous trends now, and carpets from different countries are unique in their own pattern. Every country has its own tradition of carpet weaving which reflects its culture and norms. India is one of the countries where carpet weaving has a history belonging to mughal empires. We find glimpses of mughal art in rug weaving in India. Another important aspect of Indian carpets is that materials like, yarn, cotton, jute, bamboo and silk are used in manufacturing rugs. rugs industry is scattered among different states in India. Each state has different traditions of weaving. Woolen, chain stitched, and tufted carpets are different varieties among the finest weaved carpets. The specialty of woolen carpets is that the weavers do not use chemicals dies to clean wool for carpets instead they use natural ritha. 90% of the carpet weaving is done in Uttar Pradesh.

The quality is judged on the bases of thickness, material used, and color combinations. Kashmir is the territory where the finest quality carpets are made. The carpet made in Kashmir contains about 500 knots per square inches. Rajasthan is another important carpet industry of India. Carpets from Rajasthan have striking colors and patterns, which look awesome and unique. The amazing thing about Rajhasthani carpets is that the manufacturers use camel hair in carpet manufacturing. Indian carpets are On Since made ​​in handmade knot style blended with beautiful designs and unique patterns with expert finishing, they 're get great resale of value. Their striking colors make them appealing and eye catching. rugs industry in India is a great source of income in the country as they are sold in different parts of the world.