Carpeting Vs Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

When it comes to flooring or carpet, most people go with the flow and install what is in style at the time they purchase their floor or carpet. This is the most common mistake that people do. What is good for one home or family is not necessary good for another home or family. When making a decision on the floor covering product to have installed in your home, here are few things you have to consider other than your budget.

Saftey – If you have little children you might want to consider carpet. Carpet is usually installed on underpadding which will act as a coshin and prevent your children from getting hurt. Especially on stairs.

Tolerance – If you have pets and do not like the accidents they do on carpet then laminate flooring is the way to go. Laminate flooring is resistant to pet claws, in fact, there are very few things that can scratch a laminate flooring. Any spill should always be removed within minutes of the time the spill happens or else you'll have and irrepairable damage to you laminate flooring.

If safety and tolerance do not apply to you, then you must consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring gives your home a warm look. It increases the value of your home and if you are selling, a house sells much faster if it has hardwood flooring installed. The only disadvantage is that hardwood flooring is more expensive than most carpets and laminate flooring. But then again, it's an investment that will last you a lifetime. It can be sanded and renovated later on and have a fresh new look.

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