Carrara Marble Subway Tiles Combined With Hexagon Mosaics For a Modern Bathroom

One of the hottest current trends in interior design is the use of Italian Bianco Carrara White Marble, not only as a design accent, but also on bathroom floors, walls and showers as well as kitchen floors and backsplashes. Consumers looking for a high quality finished product with a more modern design are increasingly turning towards the unique beauty of hexagon mosaics and another timeless classic, marble subway tiles. Just like subway tiles, hexagon mosaics are also available in different sizes, the most preferred being 1″ hexagon mosaics and 2″ hexagon mosaics. Nowadays, a new fashion set by designers is using hexagon tiles for flooring in bathrooms or shower stalls and cladding walls with subway tiles. Generally, an elegant looking marble rug motif is created using basketweave tiles bordered with 1 inch hexagon mosaics; cladding the walls with subway tiles compliments the all-over design. An alternative to this application is 2 inch hexagons for flooring and 3×6 marble subway tiles for walls. Since both mosaics come with several natural stone alternatives, colors, textures and either a honed finish or a polished finish, the variations are almost endless, making it harder to choose your final design which will, in the end, all depend on your preference. But, the real question is marble or ceramic and glass tiles? While it may seem that there is no correct answer to that, it’s no secret that choosing natural stone over glass or ceramic provides more sophisticated look and a much healthier choice.

A main concern of consumers when it comes to using marble mosaics on the floor is whether a polished finish has the potential to be too slippery, particularly when used on the bathroom floor. It is a common misconception that polished finish marble tiles and mosaics are too slippery when wet. Because the size of the individual hexagon shaped tiles, a finished floor will have quite a bit of grout space, which provides traction even when wet, allowing the customer to choose the finish that works best with his or her design vision. Another frequently asked question is about the maintenance and care of marble tiles. This question was actually answered by the Greeks, Romans and Ottoman Turks whose showering and bathing rituals are still famous and who always preferred natural stones for their living environments, not only because of the beautiful look provided by natural stone, but also for the endurance and longevity of marble tiles. Marble tiles are also remarkably easy to maintain. Marble is easily cleaned with plain water, eliminating the need to use harsh and potentially toxic cleaning materials on a regular basis.

Hexagon marble mosaics give your design project a beautiful and classic finished look with a modern flair. Using marble mosaics in any color Bianco Carrara, Crema Marfil, or even White Statuary marble (also known as Italian Bianco Statuario) will increase not only the beauty, but also the value of your finished project. Purchasing marble products on the internet can be a daunting task, but can be very rewarding when purchased from the right site. Customers can contact us directly with questions about our materials and the designs and colors available. The highest quality yet most affordable carrara marble tiles and bianco carrera mosaics with competitive prices available at will perfectly compliment any room or area in any home or office.