Carrier Heat Pump Prices – A Reliable Pump

Carrier heat pump prices vary depending on the efficiency of the unit that is being purchased. They are well known in the heating and cooling industry. They have been producing solid heat pump unit for years. They have created a new generation of heat pumps, namely their Infinity and Comfort Series, taking efficiency to a new level. The pricing and performance of the pump system are on a par with all of the major residential manufacturers.  

The best thing about the units is that they come with programmable thermostats. This thermostat can increase the efficiency of the unit simply by being able to heat and cool your house on a time schedule that can suit individual’s needs. They are a good choice if you are looking for a new unit.  It has SEER ratings of up to 19 SEER for the Carrier Infinity Series and up to 15 SEER for the Performance and Comfort series. They can also take on the toughest of heating and cooling jobs and can do it efficiently.   

Their Advanced Infinity series offers the highest efficiency, while their Performance Series and Comfort Series provide economical comfort. The higher the SEER and HSPF ratings of the pump, the more efficient it is. They even have a gas furnace, which lets you enjoy additional heating called the hybrid heat dual fuel system, which is the most cost savings system that you can buy.    

Carrier heat pump prices range from around $600 to $900. Prices can depend on the size of the unit and optional units attached to it such as for heating hot water. It can also depend on the type of pump: if it is air or ground source or on whether it will be used for heating, cooling, or both. Installation also entails additional cost for the pump.   

However, one thing you have to remember is that you cannot save money, or get lower heat pump prices if you try to do the installation yourself. Thus, you must employ a trained professional to do the installation.   In looking for a heating and cooling device, always buy from a reputable seller like Carrier. It is better if you do not take someone’s second hand unit. This is because you do not really know the condition of second hand units and some may not even have warranty. Do not be tempted to buy a unit without a warranty.  

In buying a unit, you will also have to consider the capacity, meaning how large the unit you need. The larger capacity pumps demand a higher price. However, they may do a better job of heating and cooling than a smaller heat pump unit may. In purchasing a pump, do not only consider the Carrier heat pump prices but also the cost of installation. Some company may charge extra cost for installation. Other companies can include the installation in the purchase price of the unit itself.