S.M.A.R.T. Goals

(excerpted from the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan) Jim Rohn’s Second Pillar of Success: Goal-Setting, Part Three – S.M.A.R.T. Goals Hi, Jim Rohn here. As you know, we are focused on the Second Pillar of Success this month – Goal-Setting. We have introduced the four main components of Goal-Setting: 1. Evaluation and Reflection. The only way we can reasonably decide what we want i... »

How Does a Court Reporter Build a Transcription Dictionary?

Technical depositions and court testimony can be challenging for new court reporters and court reporting students. It is the court reporter’s responsibility to make sure that every word in the transcript is spelled properly. To do otherwise makes the court reporter look unprofessional, inexperienced or lazy. It may also make the person reading the transcript wonder if a certain word was miss... »

Numerology’s Birth Chart and Missing Numbers – Things Lacking in Your Life

Ever wander why two people with the same Life Path number, or Astrology sign can be so different? In Numerology, part of the explanation is that your Life Path is made up of different combinations of numbers in your date of Birth. And the greatest difference occurs when you have numbers which are missing; indicating things you need to work on in your life. Everyone has some missing numbers in thei... »

Heating & Air Conditioning Scam Alert – Read This Now!

As a homeowner myself and a Professional Home Inspector in the Dallas Fort Worth are for years I just had to tell somebody about some of these ideas that companies are trying to get us to believe. I hope this helps understand some of these issues. Homeowners there are literally hundreds of products and devices being promoted everyday in the HVAC industry that claim to reduce energy or increase the... »

What Materials Are Used to Make Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed Circuit Boards are also called a PCB. They are inexpensive boards that are used to connect electronic components. They are often made under high volume production through the electronics industry. Quality control of these boards are maintained through the IPC. The materials that are used to comprise PCBs are usually made from a copper conduit layer that contains an overlay of laminate. The... »

Post and Beam Homes

With this design, post and beam homes use whole logs as a structural support. This will provide the owner a natural log surface outside and inside their home. When looking at the beginning of construction you will see many vertical log posts that carry big horizontal logs on top. Once the frame is finished then they are filled in with conventional framed 2 x 6 walls. The vertical logs are placed a... »

List of Buffalo NY Apartments That Approve With Bad Credit and a Broken Lease

Are you looking for an apartment to lease in Buffalo NY but have bad credit, a previous broken lease, bankruptcy or criminal record and are worried you will be denied? Perhaps you’ve already applied and have been turned down by apartment after apartment. This can be a very frustrating ordeal indeed especially if you have already paid the deposit and have been led to believe that an approval ... »

The Color Purple by Alice Walker: A Short Summary

In this poignant epistolary novel that relates the story of two sisters Celie and Nettie, Alice Walker condemns racial and sexual oppression and severely criticizes the brutality that victimized the black women especially in the South. This is an extraordinary tale, painful and uncomfortable that plays out over two decades of Celie’s life through her letters beginning at age 14, when she is ... »

Rear View Mirror Fell Off – Rear View Mirror Tips & Mistakes

Installing a rear view mirror that has fallen is a simple job. It’s important to know how a common mistake could break the windshield if this simple task is done improperly. It’s very easy to glue the rear view mirror button upside down. I worked with someone years ago, that made this mistake. When he tried to remove the metal button from the windshield so it could be glued back on cor... »

How to Improve the Sound From Your Flat Screen TV

Recent advances in electronics has provided us with flat panel TV’s with fantastic pictures. Great improvements over the old CRT (Cathode ray tube) versions. When we watch TV, we like to have good picture and good sound to match. Picture and sound “hand in hand.” Now we got great picture… but how about the sound?… have we heard (seen) same improvement here? Sorry to s... »