Cast Iron Radiator Safety Information

Cast iron radiators are great for heating your home evenly and efficiently. They do this by getting hot. Very hot. And here in lies the problem. By achieving these high temperatures, cast iron radiators are inherently dangerous objects within your very home. While leaning against a radiator for a second will likely not harm you, getting stuck near one could mean burns or worse. You should take every precaution possible to ensure that your home is safe so that you can enjoy the benefits of radiator heating without worrying about your health. This is especially true if you have small children or pets at home.

Using Radiator Covers
The best way to secure your radiator is to use a cover. Many professionally built covers exist on the market, and typically add to the aesthetic of the room. A radiator cover is a specially crafted unit which is placed over your radiator, completely shielding it from the outside world. Typically the front of the unit is a screen or has perforations to allow heat flow in and out. This has the benefit of guiding airflow in the room to increase the efficiency of the radiator heating system, a benefit which means lower energy bills come the end of the month. For safety and practicality a radiator cover is the best way to go, but it comes at a price. Many of the better looking models can get something expensive, especially when you have multiple units to protect

Crafting a Barrier
If you find that you can not afford or find a suitable radiator cover, the next best option is to restrict access to your radiator. This is critical especially with young children around. Using child safety gates can put up an effective barrier so that your little one does not injure him or herself. You may want to consider reinforcing the supports so that the barrier does not fall and land against the radiator. Depending on the material which the safety gate is made out of, this could be a potential fire hazard. So be safe and be alert!

Safety First!
If you're still concerned with how best to make your radiator safe, it may be best to call your local professional for some advice. Cast iron radiators are wonderful for heating your home, so make sure that you take the time to ensure that they do not place your loved ones at risk while they do so!