Cast Iron Reasons For Balustrades

Did you always secretly long to be serenaded? Well, now is your chance because railings are coming back in vogue and this means  balustraded  balconies on your bedroom windows! Decks and balconies will soon boast stylish railings and there will be many more railings on view in newly built homes.

Coming back into fashion with the railings look is also the old American idea of the front porch and verandah – with railings of course! Industry statistics inform us that as many as 70% of all new houses being built will have some type of rail decoration by 2015.

The delicate cast iron railing that will often front a long window on an upper floor has never really been popularized in North American homes, except perhaps, in the deep South. It has mostly been associated with Mediterranean, Latin and Mexican countries, perhaps because of the hot climate.

In the days before air conditioning everyone threw open their bedroom windows and as these were often the ‘French’ window style it was safer to have a railing in front of it.

However, in these days of air conditioning, people are more likely to close their doors on a hot humid night, yet the architectural tradition of the  balustrading  remains prevalent abroad.

In North America, home design consultants say that one reason for the increasing trend towards railings around a deck is to make your home look a little different. Homeowners like to customize their decks, especially in neighborhoods where similar decks exist side by side.

Another reason that decks are getting more attention is because of the trend that is sweeping the nation: that of outdoor living. Suddenly we are spending much more time on our decks and we want it to feel more comfortable.

There may be a question of privacy and the custom made archway and a couple of delicately curved sidebars for a climbing plant offer a form of privacy that is non offensive to the neighbor.

One North American consulting company has said that there is also a demand for multi-material railing systems such as wood and metal, or composites or metal and glass etc. Another way to add railings is to have top and bottom rails that match the color of the homes’ exterior trim.

Outdoor lighting in and on the deck railings is also being streamlined by some adventurous home owners. Changing the material of the deck rail (from traditional wood to iron or aluminum) will not be such a different look as decks have always been synonymous with an American home. However, the idea of railings on the American home brings with it some unique ideas for a whole new look.

The concept of  balustraded  windows on the upper floor is a fairly new concept here, but one that builders of new homes think will catch on. This will look especially attractive when it matches the decorative railings on the lower floor.

The old western front porch and the extended verandah is making a comeback – where better to show off your new  balustrading ?

There is a growing demand for powder clad and vinyl clad aluminum railing for those who want a maintenance free look. In order to have your house uniformly decorated, fence manufacturers have been quick to introduce new railing products to match the home accessories.

The elegance of an upstairs ‘French’ window that leads out only to a minimalist verandah of a few inches will definitely give a new look to a home. This idea is also purported to be coming into vogue and will definitely be a new look for most parts of America.