Cast Iron Skillets: Round Vs Squared

If you are a serious camper and love to cook delicious meals by the campsite, then you know the importance of having a good cast iron skillet. But did you know that the shape of the skillet can make a difference, not just in how well it heats, but also how much you can cook at one time.

If you are a great campsite cook, but only have round skillets in your arsenal of cookware, then maybe it is time you consider adding a square skillet to your collection of cast iron cookware for the campsite. When it comes to cooking food outdoors on a skillet, a square one is the way to go.

Because of the squared corners on a square skillet, you are able to hold and cook more food than you could in a round skillet. One good example of why square is better than a round skillet is when you are cooking bacon. Sure, you can cook bacon in any shape skillet, but a square skillet is going to be your best option. With a round skillet, you have to worry about how you are going to fit those long pieces of bacon into the short sides of a round skillet. But, when you are using square cast iron cookware, you are able to fit just as many pieces of bacon on the sides of the skillet as you are in the middle. Square skillets are not just perfect for bacon. You can also use them to cook chicken breasts, fish fillets or for the real outdoors person, the fresh catch of the day.

Sure, you can use a square cast iron cookware inside, but a round skillet usually works best. The main reason is because today’s stoves all have round burners instead of square burners. Since stove burners are round, what happens is that a square skillet will not heat as evenly as a round cast iron skillet. Because the corners of a square skillet stick out past the burner, the corners of a square skillet will not be as evenly heated as the middle the skillet, which could result in food sticking or food not cooking to the appropriate temperature. This is why square cast iron cookware is best used for cooking over a campfire. The heat of the fire is not confined to a specific shape, meaning a square skillet will heat more evenly over the campfire than over a round burner.

Cast iron skillets can be used pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you choose to stay at home and cook over the stove or head out to your favorite campsite, you will be able to create some delicious meals with your cast iron cookware. The only tough decision you will have to make is deciding if you want to leave your round skillet at home and bring your new square skillet. Or, on the other hand, why not just bring both.